Fall In Love With Home: Friday Favorites

For today's Friday Favorites, I thought I would share some of my favorite features of my home. I have told y'all all about some of my dislikes, so this post is dedicated to my favorite features at home!

Natural Light
There is no shortage of natural light in our home! We have windows on windows on windows! In the living/breakfast nook there are 7 windows alone! Our house has around 30 windows, and it wonderful! During the day I rarely have the overhead lights on due to all the light that comes in the windows.

The Million Dollar View
When you look out most of the windows all your see is trees beyond the pool. It is so peaceful to watch the sun dip below the tree line at night. I don't really care to have a view of the ocean or a city skyline. I love having a view of woods and trees. There are lots of wildlife that come out from the trees. We have had countless deer, rabbits, turtles and much more. The downside? I almost hit a deer last fall when it ran out in the road in front of me.

Fireplace and Mantel
I have always dreamed of having a fireplace and with a beautiful mantel and this home has it! It is a staple in our home and our favorite wedding photo is above it.

Those I Share it With
Ok, I know this isn't exactly a feature of my house, but it wouldn't be home without these three!

What are you favorite features in your home? Is there something you have come to love more through this past week?

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  1. Beautiful post! It looks like you are in North Florida, which is beautiful. I have family in the Jacksonville area, and I'm here in South Florida. I also have a doxie, his name is Rocco.