Linen Closet Maximization.

I love our master bathroom, we have double sinks and a separate tub and shower. But sometimes I wonder what the previous owners were thinking when they created the layout! This bathroom could be laid out so much better! There isn't really empty wall space to put anything. There are 5 doors in this bathroom, it can get very overwhelming.

Being OCD, I don't like the mix towels with the regular dirty clothes, so I like having a separate hamper for towels. The problem has always been, where do you put the hamper! I didn't want to put it in the closet, because we have 2 separate closets in the master. Finally one day it hit me, why not put the hamper in the bottom of the linen closet.

The bottom of the cluttered and not really being used anyways, so I took out the bottom shelf and made space for the extra hamper for towels only.

AHHH! Now there are no wet, dirty or nasty towels mixed with our laundry! They have their own home and place to go. The husband didn't seem to impressed with my new breakthrough. He was wondering what was wrong with the old way. (men!)

I love using see through baskets for towels, especially those that are decorative. It is a great way to organize, while also being able to see what is inside. Sometimes I love to hide what is inside, if it something that can get messy, but these simple towels make a nice decorative touch in a small closet. 

Have a great Monday! Just remember college football is coming Saturday!!

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