Confessions Of A Dish Junky.

Its true, I am a dish junky. I get it from my mom, we have been to countless antique, thrift and consignment stores over the years adding and adding to our collections. I have purchased items as low as 10 cents, but I don't care how cheap something is priced, I look for the beauty!

The 2 hardest things about being a dish junky is storage and organization. It can be hard to stack cups and bowls and platters, but I finally tackled the daunting task of organizing this stuff!

I have 3 cabinets for a majority of the stuff. One for my main dishes that are glass, porcelain- well just anything really breakable! Another is for my table linens, candles and small table top items, and the last is for vases, jars and anything else I couldn't find a spot for!

This looks so peaceful and simple, until you open it and see what is inside!

{Frame: Kirkland's
Table and Candle holder: Marshalls
Mercury Glass Candle: Anthropolgie}

This cabinet is the main culprit, I would hate to see someone try to move it without unloading the additional 100+ pounds sitting there! Those 2 pink cups are some of my favorite! There were less a dollar a piece, so I couldn't resist!

So, if this weren't enough, there is another cabinet hiding in the closet in my office! I guess you could say I'm not just a dish junky but also a table linen and candle junky! Decorating tables is one of my favorite things to do, I find it calming. I love the trial and error of putting together the perfect setting.

{Mercury Glass Candle Sticks- Set of 5 from Ballard Designs
Clear Glass Candle Sticks- Thrifted}

I cannot wait until Christmas, so I can pull these birdies out!

{Birdies Khols}

Then theres the odds and ends that wouldn't fit else where!

In addition to my 3 cabinets, there is the self under my coffee bar! This is mainly for items I use on a daily basis.

{Mercury Glass Cake Stand- World Market
White Scalloped Platter- Home Goods}

{Salt & Pepper Shaker- Pier 1 
Creamer Dish- Kate Spade}

All of this inspires the urge to decorate tables! I might have to decorate some tables and share them with y'all on the blog next week!

What is something that you are overload on? What would your title say?

Confessions of A _________.
Go ahead, fill it in and let me know what yours would say!

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