Add Some DIY To Your Day.

I frequent antique and thrift stores, and I have found some really good items at great deals at these places! The downside to some of the pieces you may find is that they may not be the right color for your house. When I am out, I try to look past the color and focus on the shape and details of the piece. The color can almost always be changed but the construction of the piece cannot.

This weekend I found some goodies, and I wanted to share with y'all the before and afters!

1 set of brass candle sticks and one wooden bird basket!

After I got the pieces I ran to Lowes to pick out spray paint. This aisle is slightly overwhelming sometimes because of the number of color choices!

I took the pieces home, gave them a good sanding and cleaning and then painted away. After they were painted I went back over them with some sandpaper and distressed them.

Here are some of the details that drew me to theses pieces.

Taking old or forgotten pieces and painting or staining them can give them new life and allow you to have a one of a kind piece in your own home! I challenge you to go out this week or weekend and find one piece to update in your own way! If you do, please share it with me! I would love it see them!

PS- Fall decor and DIY has started in my house! I cannot wait to share with y'all! Stay tuned for my fall series called Fall in Love with Your Home! 

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