A Change of Scenery.

Every now and then we all can become complacent with what we have or what stage of life that we are in.  For me, this has sadly been a daily occurrence that has turned me into a woman full of bitterness and self doubt. My husband and I had a long talk about these feelings that I have been having, and I discovered that the root of these feelings is coming from the copious amounts of time that I have been spending on Instagram, Facebook, etc., so our household has become a social media free zone(except for my blog).  

When I look around, I know that I am blessed and I am thankful for everything that The Lord has given me. But somehow I find myself complaining and unsatisfied. It breaks my heart when I take a step back and look at how selfish I have been. 

My Husband picked out our home by himself, without me being there or seeing the house before he purchased it. He takes great pride in our home, and when he came into this house he knew that this would be the place he would bring his newlywed bride home to. I love our home, and I love the pride that Mr. Magnolia takes in our home. But somehow, I have become more wrapped up in what I don't have than what I do have my house. So, I have begun a new journey in our home. 

First I started with decluttering and changing our decor to suit us as a couple, not just me and what I like. When I looked at all the rearranging I did I didn't want the first thing to come to mind to be, "I wonder if so and so would like this" or "How many likes will this get on IG" I wanted to think, "Yes, this is it, this is our home and our personalities" It is amazing the overwhelming joy and sense of pride that I felt when it was completed. I walk around the house telling the Mr. how much I love it. He is probably very tired of hearing this, but I want him to know that not only is he the proud one, but that I am too.

Another thing I struggled with in our home, is having blank and unfinished spaces in our home. I have in the past filled these spaces with pieces that have no meaning to me or things that I don't even truly love. I have began to rid my house of these meaningless items and I am learning that these unfinished spaces are okay to have.

So, if you are looking for me on IG or Facebook or Pinterest, I am alive and well but I am taking some time to change up the scenery. I am working on focusing on what I have right in front of me and not what it on my iPhone screen. 

I will be sharing more of the changes in our home. If you have any questions or want to contact me feel free to email me at: AMrsAmongMagnolias(at)gmail(dot)com

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15

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  1. I understand this! I stopped spending time on Facebook other than to check my notifications and I've been unfollowing people on instagram. I have so much to be thankful for but I haven't been appreciating it because I'm envious of the people I follow on social media.