Red, White and Southern Coastal

Oh Summer! Such a wonderful time of the year, from the magnolias in may to the celebration of our great freedom to the quiet nights spent with family close at your side. Summer is a time to relax, shed your winter coat and explore! I love summer, although this will be my first summer of being out of school I know that it will still be a wonderful time.

I am blessed that I can enjoy this freedom and I am full of deep gratitude for those who have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces!! It is because of your service we can enjoy this holiday in peace and freedom.

KJ and I decided to spend this Memorial Day at home, with our little family. I am excited to grill and enjoy dinner at our dining room table. I feel a true since of American Pride when I look at the latest tablescape. I like to describe the Memorial Day decor and American with a pinch of Southern and Coastal!

This is the time of year that I am trilled that I registered for the navy and red striped salad plates to match my china! Sadly, they have been replaced, but by equally as cute navy and green ones.

I found this book at a consignment store the day of the Mother's Day brunch that I spent with my mom! As soon as I saw it I new it was perfect for this table.

I had to break out the Ball Mason Jars for this, since they are made in America!

This glass jar was also found on my shopping day with my mom.

I made the napkins out of some gingham fabric that I found, at Walmart of all places.

This lantern was the inspiration for the coastal aspect of the table. My mom found it for less than $10! How awesome was that?

The magnolia bouquet was my toss bouquet from our wedding and it never got tossed so I got to keep it. I am glad I did, it is such a sweet memory of our special day. {PS- its almost been 2 years!!}

I kept the breakfast with a light and more coastal feel.

Great thing about getting married in July? You get to register for patriotic napkins from Pottery Barn!

If y'all haven't figured it out yet, I love straws! 

I love the look of the white shells on the white plates.

Whew! I am sorry for the photo overload in this post, but I tired to narrow it down as much as possible! I hope that y'all have a wonderful Memorial Day!!

I have much more to come, including my Memorial Day blooms, a blueberry festival and homemade blueberry jam!!

Will Break For Magnolias

It is no secret that I love magnolias, so it was no shock to my husband that I asked him to stop and let me take photos of a beautiful magnolia tree that we saw on the side of the road! To be honest, I think he was slightly embarrassed, but he was happy when I told him he could sit in the car. 

You can always tell when May has arrived, by all of the budding magnolia trees, it is a wonderful sight! It makes my heart want to sing!

Sadly, this huge tree only had 2 blooms left on it!

My husband is the sweetest, he knows that I want to get a magnolia tree and he started doing research on the best kind of tree for our area and what we need to do to take care of one! I never asked him to, he did it on his own!

Doesn't this look like such a wonderful place for a rocking chair and a big ole glass of sweet tea? I could grab a blanket and hang out here a while!

I love to use magnolias, they were featured in my latest Mother's Day tablescape!

Magnolias were also a feature at our wedding, along with my other favorite, hydrangeas. There were 3 in each of my bridesmaids bouquets, and my toss bouquet was made of them as all. 

Funny story about my toss bouquet, it never got tossed!! Since our wedding was in July, my florist told me that real magnolias would not hold up, so they were fake. Which ended up being wonderful because I got to keep my toss bouquet!

What kind of flowers would you break for? 

Mother's Day Brunch

"Her children rise up and call her blessed"
Proverbs 31:28

We might not all be mother, but we all have a mother and I am blessed to be able to honor my mom for Mother's Day! This year I decided to have a brunch the day before mother's day in honor of her! It was such a blessing to see her face light up and to see her happiness to think it was all for her. Even though she insisted on doing dishes!

We had a yummy, finger licking brunch and a wonderful time together. After we ate, my mom and I spent the afternoon visiting local antique and thrift stores. It was a blast and we had some good finds, but I am exhausted! I can't wait to use some of my new finds in my Memorial Day tablescape and others to come.

I enjoyed getting to set more of a girly pink table, since I don't do it too often. I fell in love with the pink ribbon from my graduation cap so I added the touch of pink ribbon to the table.

This week I also decided to remove the big white buffet out of our dining room and I love the way it looks with out it! It makes the room feel so much larger, now all I need is my hardwood floors!

I wanted to emphasize that it was Mother's Day, so I decided to make this farm with a hand written Mother's Day wish!

My mom recently gifted me this butter dish from her collection once I told her that I liked it, so I felt it only appropriate to use it today! I am so glad that she noticed that I was using it! The butter inside is Amish butter from Tennessee and it is delicious!!

I love entertaining, having people over, and especially when my fine china gets used! 

The evening light the day before the brunch was wonderful and it added the perfect amount of light to take these photos! Thank the Lord for the small things like the perfect sunlight for photo days!

I made a special place setting for my mom at the head of the table with a tulip.

I love these white flowers! I wish I knew what kind of flowers they are, simply gorgeous!

Of course when you think of Spring and Mother's day you think of tulips, so I wanted to make pink tulips the centerpiece of the table! 

This is my favorite chalkboard to date. It could be that I'm finally getting the hang of it!

p.s. I finally got my R's for my front planters, and it adds a special touch to the front porch. As if I didn't have enough R's out there, I thought I would add 2 more!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day with your moms or with your families! I know I am so thankful for my mom, because without her I wouldn't be here!

Have a great week y'all!