College Graduation!

About a week ago my mom asked me if I ever thought this day would come, and I jokingly said no and that I was glad that it was finally over. School isn't one of those things I enjoy, it drains me and frustrates me, and I am sure many of y’all feel the same way. However, my mom’s question got me to thinking about graduation and the path I took to get there. So the true answer is yes, I did think this day would come, but no I didn’t think it would take me an additional year to finish and I did not think I would graduate as a married woman!

When I first started college, all I cared about was the “college experience” and joining a sorority. I must admit that I slacked off a bit in the beginning which partially led to my extra year in college. {The funny part of the story is that I actually earned my best grades once I was married.} Anyways, I joined a sorority in the fall of my freshman year like most girls entering college would do and I enjoyed it, but it didn’t really feel like me. I like to be friends with everyone regardless of your issues or history with someone else that I was not a part of, and there were girls who didn’t like that and proceeded to try to make my life miserable.  I could see then that being in a sorority was not exactly my cup of tea.

Also, during the fall of my freshman year, I met KJ on a blind date through a mutual friend. It was a Wednesday and we went golfing then to dinner. The day before the date, my friend showed me a picture of his friend and he gave him my number. KJ and I talked on the phone and texted on that Tuesday. However, when Wednesday morning rolled around I had no texts or calls from KJ, and being raised as a Southern Lady I did not dare text him first! {Come to find out he was doing this to make me nervous….} Class with our mutual friend was not until 3 pm that day and it could not come fast enough. I told him that KJ hadn't made any contact with me that day and so he set up the date for us to meet after class. I can still remember that day like it was yesterday. From the moment KJ got out of his car I was smitten, and I knew right then and there that I was going to marry him some day!

{Florida/Georgia game in 2009}

Fast forward a year and a half…. KJ and I took a trip to Charleston, SC during my summer break. It made my little southern soul so happy to be among the history and charm of Charleston! And of course, KJ had to add to my excitement of being in Charleston, by popping the big question! There was a lady at the table behind us who was bursting with excitement as KJ asked, I couldn't help but giggle when I saw her face and arms flailing with joy.

{The place we got engaged, however we had no photos from the night!}

51 weeks later we got married on KJ’s family’s Ranch! It was one of the happiest days of my life {along with 100 other emotions that I have never felt before nor do I think I could feel again}. I took summer classes prior and finished just about a month before the wedding. My mother was not happy that I just had to take classes, but  looking back I am glad I did.  My parent biggest concerns of getting married before I graduated are that either I would do worse or not finish.  I was determined to prove them wrong and was very pleased the day my mom told me that she was proud of me for being a wife and balancing it very well with being a student.

So, here I am a year and 10 months later and I am graduating! My mom jokes that my diploma will have my married name and not my maiden after all the hard work and time that they put into to my college education.  At 18 years old when I started college, I never would have imagined that I would be here in this place today, but I am so excited that the Lord doesn't let us take our own way, but molds our hearts and our feet to follow his path. It might not have been an easy road, but it was well worth the joy that is whelming inside of me! I could not and would not want to imagine where I would be if I had followed my path and my plan! 

The left is my last day of college, and the right is my very first day! I am so glad that it is finished! Stayed tuned, for more photos from graduation, if you haven't seen enough already on Instagram!!

Have a great day, y'all!!


Happy Easter!!

Happy Thursday, Friends!! I hope that y'all had a wonderful Easter celebrating with family and friends!! I hope the Easter bunny brought you some good treats, but I also hope and pray that each of you took time looking toward the Cross of Our Lord and remembering the true meaning of  Easter!

I am so blessed to be spending my second Easter as a Mrs! The Mr. and I got up and when to the 8 am service at our church it was such a blessing to start the day opening the Bible and reading the Word of God! We studied out of Isaiah 53, it was such a touching and deep message.

"But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed"

Isaiah 53:5

Praise the Lord that I have been saved and washed in the blood!

I wanted to use the vine wreath as a symbol of the Crown of Thrones that the Lord wore.

I kept our indoor decor fairly simple this year, as that it one of the things that I am striving to have more of! I love getting to spend time with our families during the holidays and really anytime, but I also want to slow down and spend time just the two of us!

After church, we enjoyed lunch and an Easter egg hunt with family. It is so amazing to see the holidays through the eyes of a child. I love to see their innocence and pure joy that we loose some of as we grow up. 

 I am in love with this pillow my Mother-in-Love got me for Easter!! I think that it goes perfectly with my Charleston, SC photo!

It looks like the Easter Bunny still stops at our house! How cute is this pillow that my mom found!!

One of my favorite parts of spring, is all of the flowers and I am thankful that our yard is beginning to bloom this year!! These yellow roses are simply stunning but they would die in about 2 day!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter!!

Weekly Domestic Adventures

This weather is starting to look more and more like spring each day and I am so thankful for it! Well we are into April now and I can say that I am pleasantly surprised that I have kept up with my weight loss/healthy lifestyle! Now, I am not going to lie I have had some days and even weeks where I have struggled, but overall I have kept going! With that being said I am also on the look out for new recipes and ideas for dinner for the Mr. and I.

Cooking is one of my favorite domestic duties, I get in the kitchen and just cook it out. Just me, my ingredients and the stove {usually a dog or two joins me as well}. I am no culinary master, but I can make a mean dinner! One of my biggest struggles with cooking is just making enough for two, and not making too much or not enough. It is a trial and error process, but I am getting better as time goes on.

For the past two weeks, our household has been full of sickness and I am ready for it to end! The one thing I always crave when I am sick is grilled cheese, so I had to make myself a few.

Now I know this doesn't really have any nutritional value, but y'all it is good! I have also laid off of coffee since the beginning of the year, but I did cave and have some while I was sick. I like to add a little coconut milk, sweetener and a dash of cool whip. It is quite delish!

All of this unhealthy aside, I did also make one of my favorite easy "stews"! It is just a turkey tenderloin, 2 cans of low sodium mixed veggies {juice and all} and a crock pot! Put the tenderloin in the crock pot and cover with both cans of veggies and cook on low for 8 hours.

Once the cooking is complete just shred the tenderloin with a fork and spoon the veggies and tenderloin into a bowl. This is great on a chilly day, or when your under the weather or just any night! This is one of the only meals I make that my husband will gladly eat the veggies with. Not only is this scrumptious, but it is virtually fat free {I use a 99% fat free turkey tenderloin}, great for keeping your figure in check. 

My mouth is watering just looking at this!

I have also been on the hunt for healthy, quick and easy snacks. Aside from greek yogurt with berries and dark chocolate chips, bananas with PB2 on a rice cake fit the bill! I have enjoyed PB2 much more than traditional peanut butter. Its less oil and full of more flavor.

Another domestic adventure that I have been trying to get into recently is gardening! The few plants I have tried to plant in the past have died, but this time I am determined to keep it alive!

One of the first projects I tacked was updating the plants around our mailbox and you can see all the details here, but here is a photo of the finished project. 

I also have planted some hydrangeas, and I am simply in love! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower, so I am looking forward to when I can prune them and have fresh ones in my home. So far they are still alive and are growing strong!

What are some of y'alls favorite plants? Any suggestions for what I should plant in the upcoming spring and summer days?

I am going to try to start sharing weekly with y'all some of my domestic adventures. Anything from cooking, to cleaning, to gardening, to just being a wife! I hope that y'all have enjoyed this week and would love to hear what y'all would like to see!