Springtime Dining Update

My oh my! This warm weather has me looking forward to spring more than ever! It also is keeping me motivated to stick to my weight loss goal! This past weekend was half beautiful and sunny and half dreary and rainy, so I spent the latter half updating my dining room tablescape! I just kept adding a tweaking and I must say I am pretty happy with the outcome!

Here is a single place setting at our table! {PS I am loving how the chairs turned out!} The cream flowers are from our wedding and we have oddles of them left over, so you can know find them all over mine and my parents house! I wanted to keep the colors very simple while adding the touch of navy, which is one of my favorite colors!

Note to all brides or soon-to-be brides out there:: Getting all white china was one of the best decisions I made! I had been in love with this Kate Spade china since its release! They used to make a red, white and navy salad plate, but have since stopped. However, you can still get an all white that has the matching basket weaving detail around the outside.

These mason jars are also from our wedding, we literally had hundreds of them! I am glad to say I am supporting the mason jar making business! I love the way the navy, green and light blue go together so well! It is very springy without being over the top!

 I am not even quite sure how the centerpiece really came together. I just kept layering in flowers until it looked like full of spring blooms! My background as a florist certainly played a role in creating this.  

{PS- the wreath on the wall is also from our wedding! Some days I feel like I am reliving that day all over again! And I wouldn't mind to, but it was way too hot that day!}

Here are some more photos of the little details, just for fun!!

I also spruced up my side table, which I found at TJMaxx during Christmas and it was on sale! WIN WIN!!

The galvanized tall bucket was from my wedding and the plate was from an antique store in Atlanta that I found on a girls weekend with my mom. However, the Southern Comfort sign is my favorite, it is from the Moon Pie store in Charleston. Yes , I know this seems strange, but  it was on that trip that I got engaged to the man of my dreams and it reminds me of my late grandfather. He loved Moon Pies and ate them almost everyday, so when I saw this sign it immediately reminded me of him and I knew it needed to be in my home. 

Okay, one last look! Who wants to come for tea? I hope that y'all have enjoyed my springtime dining room update as much as I enjoyed creating it! Have a wonderful Tuesday y'all!!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your decor! You are very talented. What did you use to get the ribbon to stick around the mason jars? Hot glue?