Mailbox Makeover

Spring is in the air, and the weather is beautiful! When we went to Lowes it was packed with people buying outdoor items and plants. Yes, my friends spring has seem to come here, and I am thankful for it!

When we bought our house the previous owners had planted some type of weird bush/small tree on either side of the mailbox and it was dead! So, I eventually dug it up and replanted some pretty flowers and those died. I cant say that I was too sad because they were not very pretty once they started to grow.  

After last weekend and the motivation we had to get our yard beautified, I decided to makeover the area around our mailbox!

I dug out the old plants last weekend, so theses before photos just show the mailbox with nothing around them. 

I originally wanted to put down white wooden planter boxes, but my search at Lowes and Home Depot came up empty. They only ones they had we just plain plastic or colored wooden boxes. I had almost given up, then I turned the corner and found this cute little picket fence. Now this was not made to be a box, but it was worth a shot and I was very happy with the outcome!

The difference in the left and the right it just amazing! Who knew that by adding such a small update would make such a big difference. I even had some neighbors stop by and check it out.

I am in LOVE with the outcome, this little change added so much life and color to our mailbox!

The color of these flowers are just amazing! I love the pink/peach color. 

While I was snapping a few final photos, I looked up and saw the sun setting behind the trees! I am in awe of God's creation and handiwork!

I hope that y'all enjoyed my mailbox makeover! Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Love the flowers around your mailbox! Your blog is SO happy! We just moved from Winter Park, FL to Virginia Beach and I am SO excited for spring! THe daffodils are popping up everywhere and I really want to plant some flowers in our little patio in the back. We are in a rental for now until we find a house in an area we like - it takes a while to get to know the areas and we don't want to rush into buying something. Your blog is so inspiring!

    1. Thank you! that is so sweet! I hope that y'all found a house that you love quickly so you can make it your own!