Birthday Recap

Wow, I cannot believe my birthday is already over! I had such a wonderful time celebrating with my family! I am completely stuffed and I am working on a full detox from all the food and sweets I had! 

KJ and I were in full on homeowner rehab mode this weekend. We trimmed our hedges, presser washed our walkway, planted some plants, made some new home decor items and all in all had a blast doing everything. Having the outside of our home finally start to look better was great way to spend my birthday weekend! 

We have spent all of our time and energy getting the inside of our home looking beautiful that we neglected the outside, but this spring that is going to change. 

All of the spur of the moment outdoor beautification of our home started with making a new wreath for out front door. { Sadly, the one that was up was our winter/Christmas wreath }

Please ignore the shoes and tiller, I was too excited to wait to take a photo!

 So, while I was at Lowe's getting spray paint for my monogram, I also picked up some hydrangeas for the front yard. Once I came home with these new projects KJ was hooked on working on more of the front. 

I am in love with the new hydrangeas! I cannot wait for them to grow and fill up this whole space!

{This one has already bloomed!!}

Okay, so on to the birthday festivities! Well I am officially 24 years old, where has the time gone?? It really is true the life goes faster the older you get!! 

So, the day started with my dogs escaping our back yard and running around in the woods behind on house. Then KJ served me breakfast in bed, how sweet is he!! PRECIOUS!! After breakfast and folding some laundry {yes, I did laundry on my birthday but I couldn't leave unfinished laundry in the dryer} my parents and us headed to St. Simon's Island, Georgia for some shopping and dinner!

Fun Fact: My dad and I share the same birthday, so it is always a double celebration!

I am quite the Daddy's girl, always have been and always will be!

The hubs and I took multiple photos before we left, but this was the only one he would smile in!

And, then we were off! Enjoy the photos! I went a little crazy at the dock!

We had dinner at Coastal Kitchen and dessert at St Simon's Sweets! I hope y'all enjoyed my birthday recap!! I hope you have an awesome hump day!!


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