Advocare Day 1!

Good Morning Y'all and Happy Wednesday!! I hope that everyone is having a good week! On Monday, I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge! This has been a whole new experince for me but I am excited to see the results!!

First off, I want to give a tip to anyone who is thinking about doing the 24 day challenge or even just the 10 day cleanse with the fiber drink mix that you add to liquid {I used OJ}. Drink this IMMEDIATLEY after you mix it, this no joke or exaggeration!!

Here is what happened to me: I am huge fan of anything that I can pre-make for breakfast so that I can just grab it and go, since I have a bad habit of leaving no extra time for breakfast each morning. So on Sunday night I poured my OJ in a glass and then thought to myself, hey I will go ahead and mix in the fiber so it is all ready to go in the morning. BAD CHOICE!! Please never try this!!

The longer that the fiber sits in liquid the more thick and jelly it becomes. I personally hate anything with a gelatin consistency. Let me tell you, it was BAD!! I do not know how I managed to choke all of it down!!

In this moment, I am beyond thankful to have an accountability partner to help me through this!! Christina suggest for me to try to spead it on toast with peanut butter and banana. Unfortunatley, I was at work and didn't have any toast so to placed part of a banana on top of each spoonful and it worked!! Alas, I survived and was initiated into the Fiber Drink Club!! {An honor I could probably live without!!}

For Breakfast I had:
  • Fiber Drink with Orange Jucice
  • 2 Muffin sized egg whites + veggies cups
  • Coconut and Cinnamon Quinoa
  • Banana
  • Water
After I finished the fiber drink, I felt overwhelmingly full! I could not even finish my quinoa!!

SIDE NOTE:: Since I started including spark in my daily routine, I have found myself craving less and less soda, but more and more water. I have on two occasions now gotten a can of diet coke out of the fridge, sat down to drink it and never opened it; then hours later find myself putting it back in the fridge!! Even when I had drank it, I could only have a little of it! I am not on my 5 day with no soda!! If you want more energy and do not want to commit to the 24 Day Challenge, Spark is for you!!

Come morning snack time, I was feeling kind of weird. All of the extra water, protien and fiber that I was consuming was causing my body to switch gears. So, for my snack, I had a chocolate coconut protein sake!! It was quite yummy!! They protien powder that I used had no powdery taste!

Lunch was Salmon and a Salad with water. It was a quick throw together on Sunday night because my original lunch plan was ruined by bad avacados!!

Afternoon Snack was a Strawberry Chocolcate Protein shake!!

I can already feel the difference already!!! Keep following along for more updates!!


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