Advocare 24 Day Challenge!!

Good Morning Y'all and Happy National Championship Day!!! (GO NOLES!!)
If you follow me on Instgram you will have seen the I am starting the Advocare 24 day challenge today with my partner in crime, Christina!! One day I asked her how she has so much energy, because quite frankly Diet Coke and Coffee were not cutting for me. She told me all about Advocare Spark and I have been hooked since.

Then a few weeks ago she asked me to do the 24 day challenge with her and I was more the excited and happy to oblige!! Many of you have had questions regarding the challenge and what is is all about, so I asked Christina to come on and write about her Advocare experience!

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Hello All!

The 24-Day Challenge is a comprehensive nutrition and supplement program by Advocare used to kickstart healthy lifestyles and weight-loss. It is done in 2 phases: 1.) the Cleanse phase and 2.) the Max phase. Personally, the Challenge pushed me to my fittest years ever and led to my husband dropping 20 pounds in the 24-days as well going from 220 to 200lbs. I have never felt more in tune with my body or just generally healthy in all aspects of my fitness. I hope you fall in love with the products as much as I have and so many others! It truly is an investment in your health and your future.

Now, here’s how it works:

The Cleanse Phase is a 10-day process following a regimen of clean, healthy eating (lean proteins, complex carbs and lots of fruits and veggies) mixed with a fiber drink and fish oil supplement taken every morning. The fiber drink can be ordered in Citrus or Peaches and Cream. Citrus blends best in orange juice, and both can be made into a muffin recipe that I can send you later if/when you decide to do the Challenge. The goal of the Cleanse is to simply flush out a good amount of the toxins and impurities built up in your system (I do this on a quarterly basis simply to clean out my body as well!) The Cleanse will leave you with more energy, better sleep, and a great kickstart to your weight-loss! 

The Max Phase is a 14-day process when you start to figure out a diet and workout regimen that fits for your new lifestyle. Your diet can be less strict than the cleanse and you will supplement 1 meal a day with a Meal Replacement Shake to ensure you're getting enough protein, vitamins, and to continue with your weight-loss. It also adds a vitamin and energy supplement called MNS Max (E, 3 and C). 

The MNS Max series is completely dependent on what you need help with personally. MNS Max E is for people who need added energy in their day, MNS Max 3 is for people who want added omega-3 fatty acids, and MNS Max C is for those who need extra help with appetite control. 

Throughout the challenge there is a vitamin and amino acid energy supplement called Spark that is meant to replace any caffeine cravings. (It can be made as a tea as well, Citrus is best for that, if you simply love the comfort of having a hot drink to wake you up in the morning!) It enhances mental focus, and gives you an incredible boost of energy without the crash! I personally love Spark throughout my day, and it makes a great pre-workout drink as well. I have known people who have completely kicked their coffee and/or soda addictions due to Spark (although I still love to have a nice latte every now and then :) )

While fitness is definitely a large part of the challenge, none of it would be anything without the nutrition aspect given by the Challenge. The best results will be seen when there is a dedication to both! If you are going to focus on fitness as well, then using Catalyst with the 24-Day Challenge is a great extra umph for toning and definition from your workouts! 

You should never feel hungry during the process! It is highly recommended to eat 5-6 small meals a day OR have your regular meals with 2-3 snacks in between! With all of the protein and fiber you will be able to stay fuller longer and get fuller faster! You will also sleep better and just generally feel better overall. It will legitimately turn you into the best version of yourself. Also, if you decide to go through the challenge, I would highly recommend keeping up with measurements as well as weight-loss due to the fact that after the Cleanse Phase, weight won't be falling as rapidly, but you will be losing inches! (Those pounds can be awfully deceiving sometimes!)

I would also like to add that this program is not a diet-it’s a lifestyle change! It is a way for you to boost weight loss and get excited to start this new lifestyle! Since starting Advocare, I have finished multiple Half Marathons, 10-milers, 25ks and won a couple of 5ks in the process as well as being the #4 Female Army ROTC cadet in the nation for fitness summer 2012. It has made my wildest dreams come true, and there is so much more beyond the Challenge. However, it’s a great way to jump in and fall in love with the products no matter what your current fitness level!

If you have any more questions just let me know! There are a ton of great blogs and Pinterest recipes to keep your 24-Day Challenge (and beyond) recipes delicious and exciting. 

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Christina Zegler

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