Patio Makeover

First of all I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who gave me their input last week on what I could do to spruce up my patio. The landscaping of our home has sadly been left as the last thing on our to-do list!

Here is what the door looked like when we first bought it. I love the huge half circle window about the door, it is a nice feature in our home that carries throughout the front of the home. 

Updating our front door has been on my to-do list for a while now. Every time I go to Lowe's I would stop and look at planters and plants telling myself that I need to get some and this weekend I finally did!

I knew that these were the planters that I wanted, I have looked at them probably a half a dozen times. The hardest part for me was picking flowers to go in them. {I circled around the outdoor section at Lowe's for almost an hour!!}  Topiaries sounded nice and I think they would have looked pretty, but I will be honest, I knew that I would forget to prune them and then they would look like  a mess! So, I knew that flowers were the best option for me! 

I love the "R" mat that we got as a wedding gift! Its been at out front door since we got it. For Christmas I am looking for a new one to use during the Christmas Season. Something with antlers or a deer, let me know if y'all see some good ones!

If  you look in the window you can see Oakley. He just had to be nosy!!

I wish I could remember what these plants are called, but they are native to New Guinea and bloom all year round. BONUS: Lowe's has a one year guarantee on all their plants, AND if you buy a planter and a plant from them they will pot it for free with their soil!! 

Lastly I added on my wreath. I have had multiple people ask me to do a tutorial on how I made my wreath, so after thanksgiving I will do a tutorial on how to make one since I will be making a Christmas one!

Here is the completed product, I didn't want to add too much since Christmas decorating is just around the corner! 

I hope y'all have a great week and a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Joy Filled Home Challenge, Day 1

When scrolling through Instragram one day, I saw the below photo and I thought that it was such an amazing idea. For the month of November I am jumping in and joining Nicole and Michaela with their Joy Filled Home Challenge. 

November is such a hectic month, we are all rushing around seeing family and getting ready for Thanksgiving that I know sometimes I have forgotten what the true reason for Thanksgiving is. The Joy Filled Home Challenge for me is to step back and remember what I love so much about my home. I get so consumed with making my house look pretty that I fail to remember that it does not have to be perfect. I am thankful to have a home to come home to, when there are so many out there who don't. 

We have made some special memories in this home over the past almost 2 years! I hope that y'all enjoy sharing with me in the Joy Filled Home Challenge. 

Day 1: The Favorite Room in Your Home

I would most certainly have to say that my favorite room in my home is our Master Bedroom. I have put much love into picking out everything that we have in there. I enjoy coming home and sharing this room with my husband, and BOTH of my dogs. Yes, all 4 of us sleep in the queen sized bed. A king sized bed is on our to-do list in the future.

See my adorable picture of my husband! I love looking at this each night before I go to bed and when I get up each morning! It is a wonderful reminder of our wedding day!

My Mother in Love started this collection of love pictures! She got me the bottom for Christmas a few years ago! It is 1 Corinthians 13, it means so much to me since it was read at our wedding. The one on the left is also from my wonderful Mother in Love! The right we got as a wedding gift and the top I got in Tennessee on our last vacation.

I love seeing our married monogram! It warms my heart! I get to share my life everyday with my best friend and husband!

Thankful doesn't begin to describe how I feel toward our master bedroom. It is my place to relax and read a book or blog or just hang out with my husband and my fur babies! It is where I go when I am sad, happy, tired or overwhelmed. I share this space with some of the most important people in my life.

I hope that y'all have a wonderful Friday!