Southern Hospitality: Never Go Empty Handed

My mama always taught me to never go empty handed to someones house. It doesn't matter if you are just going to visit or if you are going to a function. So, naturally when I was go to someones house who just recently finished building their home, I take a wreath! 

I was going to originally make a University of Tennessee wreath since they are big fans and Alumni, however while wandering through the aisles of Hobby Lobby I couldn't find anything cute in bright orange and white.

Then as I was walking down the wooden cut out aisle I found this adorable cross and that changed the whole plan for the wreath!

Here are the items I used to make the wreath:

A wire wreath
4 rolls of burlap
1 roll of chevron burlap
2 rolls of decorative ribbon
A wooden cross

I absolutely love the chevron burlap and these 2 decorative ribbon rolls! 

So began my journey of making the wreath, now although I completed the wreath in one whole day, I did get majorly side tracked and we went to the pumpkin patch in the middle of me working on this.

I feel like making a wreath is like riding a bike, when I first start to make it, I forget how to do it, but then once I start going I know exactly what I am doing without even thinking!

Finally, I was finished with the burlap and bow, all I had to do was add the cross!

Here is the finished product!! I am in love with it, I almost didn't want to give it away!

I hope y'all like my wreath!! Have a wonderful Monday!!


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