Snow + Cade's Cove

I dislike cold, very much so! Winter is one of my least favorite seasons of the year. Except for last year, it was over 80 degrees on Christmas! I knew it was going to be chilly when we set out to head up the mountain towards Clingman's Dome, but I did not know it was going to be this cold!!

KJ and my dad walked to the top, but the ladies stayed in the car. I would get out and take photos then get back in the car to warn up. It was probably hilarious to watch me to this!

The trees were beautiful to look at, but not pleasant to be in.

See how pretty all this is? But below is what it looked like outside! NOT OK!

And then there was this guy! Driving around with the top down! It was about 30 degrees!

Clearly hiking to the top didn't phase KJ, he acted like it was no big deal even though it was about  15 degrees at the top!

After we went to the top, we came back down and drove through the Cade's Cove Loop. It was beautiful, and so wonderful to see God's handiwork first hand! We didn't get to see any bears, but we did get to see lots of deer! Two of them crossed the road right in front of us!

See all the deer in that field!

I hope that y'all are having a wonderful week so far! So thankful that we made it to Wednesday!

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