Our Tennessee Vacation Part 1

I am sad to be back to reality, but I always love to come home. Especially when I had to leave my fur babies for a week!! It warms my heart to be back home with them! Bailee went crazy, she rolled all over our newly washed and made bed!

I have so many photos to share from our trip, but I will try my best to not overload y'all with photos! After leaving our fur babies at their spa we began to make our way to Tennessee! We have been all over a good portion of this beautiful state this week!

So, we are off, but not without a good breakfast first. I love Chick-fil-A, so I would never turn down a chance to some chicken minis and a good Diet Coke {it always tastes better from them!} So we got our  brain and belly fuel!

We might have also gotten a Cookies and Cream milkshake! It was only 9 am, but it is never to early for a good milkshake.....yes, I know I will one day have diabetes.

Everything was going smooth, KJ was driving and I was napping, but I decided to offer to drive part of the way. BAD IDEA!! We switched off just south of Atlanta, and not 5 minutes down the road all of I-75 came to a complete stop! It was frustrating since I hate to drive, so we ended up getting off at the next exit and taking an hour detour through Atlanta!

Then Siri notified me that we were almost there!! Boy, was I excited!! We had been in the car since 7:30 am, and needless to say I was ready to get out!

Our first stop was to see a good family friend, their view is the Tennessee River. You can see a little of it off to the left. It was beyond beautiful, the house and the views. These lovely friends were the recipients of my recent creation, the burlap wreath! It looked beautiful on the front door!

We picked up a clear wreath holder and it is amazing the difference it makes to have a clear wreath holder verses a colored one! I liked it so much that I had to go get one!

The view off the back of the house was just simply beautiful! I didn't want to leave! My dad sat out there for HOURS multiple evenings!

At one point we even got to see a barge come down the river, it was a neat sight!

Not only was the view outside beautiful, but the inside was just as beautiful! I was able to snap a few photos!

I just love this little tree! I don't know why I was so drawn to it, but it was so cute! I might have to have one in my yard!

Corner fridge, such a cool idea!! 

How would you like to eat your breakfast here? I know I would!! Such a wonderful view!

And how about a MONOGRAMMED elevator!! You can never go wrong with a monogram, so why not add one to your elevator?

We were just outside of Knoxville the night that Tennessee beat South Carolina! My dad had to sport his Volunteers shirt! After the game, we went to the grocery store to snag some coffee creamer and one of the cashiers was wearing a Bama shirt, she was a brave girl to be wearing that in Volunteer country!

There is much more to come of our Tennessee vacation! I hope that y'all have a good Monday! Only 4 more days til the weekend! It is Florida/Georgia weekend! 

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  1. That is quite a view! I can’t blame you for not wanting to leave. The only thing better than that view is actually being near the river. In the middle of the water, preferably. Haha!