My Fur Babies

I absolutely love my 2 fur babies! They are crazy puppies, but they keep life interesting!

Shortly after we go married we got our Black Lab mix dog, and we named her Bailee. She loves to be by your side at all times and she is the sweetest dog I have ever met! She has never met a person that she didn't like!

KJ and I decided to look for a dog shortly after we got married, we wanted a dog to keep us company and have someone to love on and play with. We decided to go to animal shelter near our house and look at the dogs that they had. The whole way to the shelter I prayed that if we were supposed to have a dog that it would be a black lab puppy!

Well when we got there we went back and started looking at the dogs, Bailee and her brother were in the 3rd or 4th cage, and I instantly fell in love! We took her out and started playing with her and she was just perfect!!

When we adopted her she was only 2 months old, a gentleman had found her mother in a crab trap and she was about to give birth. He brought her to the shelter and she had 3 puppies. Sadly, the mom did not make it, but I am so blessed to have my baby girl! Her birth date was exactly 2 months before our wedding date and her name in the shelter was the same as my grandmothers! 

The scar on her face she got before we got her, the shelter told us that her brother gave it to her while they were playing one day!

Shortly before her first birthday, Bailee lost all feeling in her face. She couldn't eat or drink because she had no control over her mouth. She lost about 15 pounds over the time when she was sick. 
Bailee ended up spending a weekend in the Emergency Room and she went trough multiple tests and medicines and none of them were helping. So, as a last ditch effort our vet recommended trying steroids, and thank the Lord they worked! She is not back to 100%, it takes her longer to eat and she still can't feel part of her face, but you would never know it!! 

The Doctors never figured out what it was, they are still all stumped! I have just thankful for everyday we get to spend with her!!

Then about 2 months ago, we added our newest addition to the family, Oakley! He is a mini dachshund even though he might only weigh 7  pounds, but he keeps up with Bailee!!

They play constantly, and they hate to be apart. He is sweet and definitely has KJ's heart! He is always in his lap sleeping when hes not playing with Bailee. 

Yup, that is KJs lap he is sleeping in there. 

It is funny to see these two interact and play, he will jump and grab her tail or whatever he can get a hold of! I am still convinced that she thinks he is a toy that moves!!

They are the sweetest and love to always be by your side, and as I am typing this Oakley is laying next to me!! Do y'all have any dogs? If so please share!!

I hope y'all have a good week!


P.S. A little sneak peak for tomorrow! I am going to start showing y'all my house, beginning in the kitchen!

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