My Blogging Break

I have taken a short break from blogging recently, and as a matter of fact I feel like I have taken a break from most of my life. Looking back it seems like I have been sitting on the sidelines making myself miserable, when in the moment I felt like I was doing the right thing.

In Decemember of 2011, KJ and I purchased our first home. The journey to closing was a whirlwind of an experience. Since the market was fairly low we felt that we could be picky and it took us almost 3 years to finally find our home.  Since I have a passion for interior design, I was getting attached to homes very easily and quickly because I could see the potential that the homes had. Prior to finding our home we had an offer on two other homes, the first one seemed like it was going to be the one, but the home inspection revealed problems that we were not able to fix. The second home was a short sale and after 6 months of waiting on a response we gave up and rescinded our offer.

After we rescinded our offer I mentally and emotionally checked out of the home search, I was overwhelmed by school, work and planning a wedding. I fully handed over the reins to KJ and allowed him to continue the home search solo, and asked him to only show me strong potential homes. He continued to tour homes and was kind enough to take videos and photos for me, then one day he sent me a listing and told me to tell him if I would be ok living in that home. I told that it was fine with me and he could proceed to put in an offer. The house had been on the market 3 days, and there were several other offers on the home. That was a Tuesday and by Friday KJ was signing the contract for our home. {He also had to do this solo, because I was in a wedding that same day!}  The following Sunday was the first time that I got to see the home in person. It was and still is a beautiful home; I was just overwhelmed by the distance between home and work.

I love my home, I love my home, after completing a large amount of repairs our house really does feel like a home. However, pulling out of my driveway each morning was a struggle and I was ready to move closer to work. So, KJ agreed to start looking for homes again, and I don’t mean just looking at listings online, I mean going on home tours and model homes almost every single evening after work and on most weekends. Everything that we liked was either out of budget, we didn’t like the neighborhood, or it just wasn’t right. Then one evening after I was on my way home from class, and song came on the radio by Casting Crowns. I was signing along because I love them, and then the lyrics just overwhelmed me the Lord convicted me of being ungrateful of my beautiful home. Being the stubborn girl that I am I pushed back those feelings and continued to look for homes. We then went to one model home and that I thought could be a wonderful contender, everything seemed to be great about it, until we drove around the neighborhood and something didn’t feel right.

We came home home that evening and we were talking about our next steps when KJ said he thought we should stop looking; I felt a huge relief when those words came out of his mouth. I didn’t expect to feel that way, but it was the Lord telling me through a source that he knew I trusted other than myself. Waking up the next day I felt relief and a rested peace that I have not felt recently.

So I am back, and ready to let y’all back into my world through blogging! xoxo, Allison

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