Fall Fun: Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

I love fall! It is a bittersweet season, summer is ending but cool weather is on the way! 

A few months back, we saw a property that had started to plant corn, we have been by it multiple times before, but we have never seen them plant corn! Well now it has been tuned into a huge corn maze, pumpkin patch and an all over family-friendly fall fun spot with a Godly message behind it!

Here is an aerial view of the corn maze, you enter in at the bottom on the "R" in grace, and you have to get all the way over to the "A" in amazing to get out. The corn maze is the first thing we went through when we got there, and I led at first. I took us toward the big dead end on the other side of the word grace. I got us back to the entrance and then insisted KJ to lead. He may have gotten us lost a few times, but he was the one who lead us out. I was honestly surprised that he got us out!! I never thought we would make it. 

Here are some photos I snapped while in the maze! It was my first time seeing corn like this, it was exciting!

At the exit to the corn maze, was the pumpkin patch! I was super excited to hunt through an find some good pumpkins!

This was one of my favorite pictures, because it is such a good representation of fall in Florida, palm trees and pumpkins!

Next to the pumpkin patch, was the rest of the fun!


We had a blast! It was fun to get out and do something different! I hope y'all are enjoying your fall season! Have you been to any pumpkin patches this season?

Have a great Hump Day!!

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