DIY Projects

I am a Marketing Major, and I choose this field because of my creative side. My dream job would either be an Event Planner or a Interior Decorator, but with our unstable economic I felt Marketing would be a more stable career.

As you can imagine, Pinterest has had me creating up a storm! And to top it off, there are now all these shows on HGTV about yard sales and turning an old worn out piece into something beautiful and functional. 

I have always enjoyed going to thrift stores, antique stores and yard sales to search to find amazing pieces to put my own touch on. One night I was watching HGTV's, Flea Market Flip and the mom and daughter duo that was on the show took a lap base and a mirror and they turned it into a side table! Well that got my wheels turning, so I went in search of pieces to make into a table. 

This is my spin on their idea! The lamp base was a dark green metal, so I grabbed some sand paper and spray paint and painted it an antique white. Then I screwed the sliver tray on top, and added the cap to cover the bolt on top! It is amazing what you can transform!!

I have some more DIY projects in the works right now and I will post more about them once they are all finished! Do y'all have any projects in the works? Please share!!

I hope y'all are all having a great week so far!!


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