4 year Dating Anniversary!

Y'all! I just cannot believe that I am writing this, but today marks mine and KJ's 4 year dating anniversary!

KJ and I actually met on a blind date! I know that blind dates rarely work out, however ours did! To top is off, that is how my parents met!

We met on October 21, 2009 and we officially started dating on October 23, 2009. On the blind date we went to the driving range at my university then went to a casual dinner. I knew the day that I met KJ that I was going to marry him {although he doesn't believe me!}

{I am warning you now, KJ has seen me through many different hair colors, so you are about to see them too!}

Right after we started dating we went to the Florida/Georgia game

It is hard to believe that this has been 4 years ago!! 

Then after about 2 and a half years of dating, KJ popped the question while we were on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina. 

We litterally have no photos from the night we got engaged, but we did go back to High Cotton the next day and sat at the table where KJ proposed so that we could at least have a picture at the table. 

We were engaged for 51 weeks. Our wedding date was just one week shy of 1 year from when we got engaged! For anyone out there who is engaged or thinking about getting engaged, this time will fly by! Take it all in as much as you can!!

Then on July 21, 2012 we were married!

And we rode off into the sunset and lived happily ever after!!

Happy Wednesday y'all!! Have a great day!

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