All Hallows Eve!!

I cannot believe that it is already October 31, 2013! Where has this year gone to? I was just getting used to this year and now its gone! Thankfully this year has been a little less hectic than 2012, I guess getting married, buying a house, and a new car can do that to you! 

The craziest thing is, I got my information on applying for graduation! WOW! Now that was the kick in the rear that I need for motivation! I have been so discouraged with school since a planning mistake caused me to graduate a year later than I planned. All I had left was 2 classes, my current one and my class next semester, they cannot be taken together and one is a prerequisite to the other. Well I am just thankful that I have made it this far and that I am only a few short months from graduation! Geeze, I need to start thinking of cap decorating ideas!

Anyways, back to it being October 31st! I have never really been in to celebrating Halloween, I only really went trick-or-treating in middle school and some of high school, so I can't really give y'all my top list of Halloween must do's or this years top costumes. Instead I decided to share with you some of my favorite fall decor that I have spotted so far! Most of which I saw while in Tennessee.

The Lovelace Cafe in Nashville had some of the most adorable fall decor and pumpkin arrangements, the next few photos I captured there. Enjoy y'all!

I love this wall planter, especially the mix of the pumpkins and gourds with the plants!

I wish the sun was beating directly down on this building! The overhang of the porch casts such a bad shadow, but I love this chalkboard all decked out for fall!

Below are photos from the Southern Living Idea Home area. This was the pumpkin patch that they had set up by the building where you purchased your tickets.

This is just so cute and simple, the pumpkins on a scale!

Love the jockey, such a cute and unique idea!

Now, these are from various antique malls around the Nashville area.

Love this burlap pumpkin bow around the barrel!

Lastly, some photos from the Apple Barn!

Fall is just so beautiful! I love all of rich colors that fall produces!

I hope y'all have a great Halloween!

Snow + Cade's Cove

I dislike cold, very much so! Winter is one of my least favorite seasons of the year. Except for last year, it was over 80 degrees on Christmas! I knew it was going to be chilly when we set out to head up the mountain towards Clingman's Dome, but I did not know it was going to be this cold!!

KJ and my dad walked to the top, but the ladies stayed in the car. I would get out and take photos then get back in the car to warn up. It was probably hilarious to watch me to this!

The trees were beautiful to look at, but not pleasant to be in.

See how pretty all this is? But below is what it looked like outside! NOT OK!

And then there was this guy! Driving around with the top down! It was about 30 degrees!

Clearly hiking to the top didn't phase KJ, he acted like it was no big deal even though it was about  15 degrees at the top!

After we went to the top, we came back down and drove through the Cade's Cove Loop. It was beautiful, and so wonderful to see God's handiwork first hand! We didn't get to see any bears, but we did get to see lots of deer! Two of them crossed the road right in front of us!

See all the deer in that field!

I hope that y'all are having a wonderful week so far! So thankful that we made it to Wednesday!

Southern Living Idea Home +Lovelace Cafe

We took a drive over to Nashville the second day we were there. First we went to the Lovelace Cafe, it is a  historic cafe with the famous Biscuit Lady. The original Biscuit Lady has since passed, but her legacy and biscuits live on. When we first arrived at Lovelace Cafe, the wait was almost 2 hours! Who waits 2 hours for breakfast? Thankfully we ended up waiting less than an hour and there were stores explore and sites to see to keep us busy.

Got Biscuits? I know I got plenty while I was there!

How cute are these rocking chairs! I love the mix of the 4 colors! Come and sit a spell!

Everything was decorated for fall! It was wonderful! Lots of ideas were running through my head!

Orange Juice in a mason jar, you can't get more Southern than that!

KJ hates to take photos, but thankfully I got him to smile for a few, we even got some good photos for our Christmas Card!

So, after we left the Lovelace Cafe we headed over to the 2013 Southern Living Dream Home at Fontanel. It was multiple homes connected by one large porch. After the tours are complete, it will be turned into a hotel with 6 bedrooms.

Some of the rooms were hard to get good photos of since there were so many people there.

I love this little dog house with the weather vein! I see a DIY project in our future!

KJ was acting like the papparazi, when I asked him to take a picture in front of me at the house!

This was my favorite bedroom of them all! I love the white bed!

I love this ice bucket wrapped in rope! It is very nautical and that is right up my alley!

I just loved all of the striped patio furniture! If you have a chance to visit the Southern Living Idea Home before the end of the year, I highly recommend it!

I hope y'all are enjoying my Tennessee vacation so far! I can' t believe that it is already over! It seems like yesterday we were just talking about going! Also, can y'all believe that it is almost November!! where has this year gone! I am about to start some Christmas crafting soon!!

I hope y'all have a great day!